Letters to the editor: In favor of simple policing, open letters to Beach Road developer, and more

In favor of simple policing

To the editor:

Every community needs its police department. So, I’m not in favor of defunding. What I’m in favor of is simple.

First, I want town officials, mayors, first selectmen to assure us citizens that our police are working for us, to assure us that the laws are obeyed, our property and rights as citizens are upheld, and that perpetrators are properly arrested and duly processed.

I believe that heads of police departments are charged to hold their officers accountable according to the laws. I believe that officers are not above the law; they cannot act in violation of the law to enrich themselves or to satisfy a compulsive need.

I believe that officers are human beings, some with flaws. Those who are flawed — and we all are — ought not behave in any manner or form that demeans them or anyone they are likely to address. Those few officers who are known to demean — and officers, by and large, know who these officers are (they have “a mouth”) — ought to be immediately reprimanded or even, if the individual continues unremorseful, to be duly dismissed from the force if their offenses have become a pattern and part of their deportment and file.

The latter is essential. Without a mark-up, there is no case to dismiss. Unprofessional behavior ought never to be tolerated. An officer cannot be anything other than outstanding in his/her professionalism. This implies a continuum of professionalism and not a factor of once you’re in, you are OK. The community demands professionalism at all times, all the time the officer is a member of the force.

Finally, the community expects, at all times, that the police in the performance of their duties respect all citizens. And we will respect you by maintaining you on the force and by wishing you the best experience possible in “professional” policing. It is time for community police officers and state police officers to understand who is in charge. The choice between good or bad policing has never been a bargaining chip.

So, enough of the carping on both sides. Let us behave like decent human beings and let us all do our jobs.



Open letter to Beach Road developer

We are writing this letter to ask that you reconsider the proposed size and number of units in your plans for 131 Beach Road. We have been residents here in Fairfield for over 30 years and when we met earlier in the summer you indicated that you yourself grew up in Fairfield.

We feel, as might you, that the proposed building is simply incongruous with the Fairfield Historic District and the tone and tenor of the life in Fairfield that we all have grown to enjoy and hope to protect.

We agree that Fairfield as a town is in need of more affordable housing and that there are regulations that have been enacted to accomplish/fulfill those needs. However, we hope that the intent of those regulations is followed rather than pursuing the most extreme limits of allowable usage on the property.

As you are aware, the proposed site is adjacent to a high traffic medical building, and across the street from a church-based nursery school, a funeral home and a social club. Within two blocks of the site are Town Hall green and a second church-based nursery school. The parking and traffic demands of forty units and almost sixty vehicles present too much of a safety hazard.

Can we all gather together and come to a mutually agreed upon solution to the development of this property that allows for providing affordable housing and still maintains the character of Fairfield?

Alden and Patty Stevens


Reconsider the scale of Fairfield development

As a 34-year resident of the Old Post Road and an abutting neighbor to your 8-30g project at 131 Beach Road, I would like to share my thoughts and concerns.

I believe the height and density of the proposed building with an ensuing number of 40 families will add to an already severe traffic problem. A traffic study done today would not reflect the reality of a non-COVID traffic scenario.

The corner of Old Post Road and Beach Road is a traffic nightmare, speaking from experience I recall being side swiped by a vehicle while riding my bicycle and being told to “get up lady, you are not hurt and we are late for work.” In addition, my husband’s vehicle was totaled exiting our driveway in the morning rush hour. This is reality not a traffic study.

The proposed height of your building would make it one of the tallest in town and it would not be in harmony with the historical district abutting it that we love and cherish.

Affordable housing is needed in our town, we support it and I understand that 12 of your 40 units would be affordable. The density of this project does not make sense especially when you consider that post-COVID there will be many buildings and larger sites ripe for development projects and Fairfield already has approved our quota of 8-30g projects.

Thank you for your dedication to building in your hometown and please reconsider the scale of this project.

Judy Kubica


Concerned about fewer cops in schools

To the editor:

I am deeply concerned that we will be decreasing the number of police officers in our school this coming year. It’s even more troubling to know that the recently adopted partisan police accountability bill is contributing to this decision.

We all understand that planning for this upcoming fall school semester is difficult and it is easy to second guess decisions in these unprecedented times. However, it seems illogical during a period where there will be increased school traffic, additional arrivals and dismissals, the possibility of using additional exterior doors for arrival and pickup, the heightened desire to get our children out of the classroom and into the school yard, all at a time while it won’t be strange to see masked adults and young adults on school property.

Parents and staff are already anxious and scared about the fall reopening of schools. Student safety is vitally important now as we face an evolving and ever-changing environment. Officers dedicated to the Fairfield Police Department’s S.H.A.P.E. program played a critical role with both school safety and fostering a positive relationship between the police, students and the community as a whole.

It’s disturbing that these important decisions appear to have been made without any input from parents or the public as a whole. Our children, teachers and police department deserve better.

Brian Farnen

State representative, District 132

McCabe in Hartford will hold people accountable

To the editor:

CT newspapers have widely reported that Republican leadership were aware back in the April/May timeframe of video evidence of their candidate for Connecticut’s 2nd House district engaging in domestic violence.

They failed to report this information to the authorities and instead pushed forward with an endorsement for this candidate. This story has been published and reported upon regularly for the past week.

Tony Hwang prides himself in saying that he believes in “common sense” government. Common sense tells me that my state senator should be demanding the Republican CT State Party Chairman J.R. Romano and Vice Chairwoman Sue Hatfield resign.

My state senator should be leading the charge for an extensive inquiry to this disgraceful situation. My state senator should be apoplectic about the actions of his own party. Instead, Tony released a carefully worded and brief response which did not call out his Republican leadership by name, did not call for any specific disciplinary actions for these individuals and did not suggest the need for any further investigation into this abhorrent behavior. His timid response leads me to believe that his support for violence against women is voiced only when it is convenient.

We need leadership that will speak up, take action and demand accountability. We need the leadership of Michelle McCabe. Michelle will stand beside women who have suffered from domestic violence and find solutions that invest in their future. Michelle will not be afraid to take a stand even if it means challenging her own party. Michelle’s actions will back up her beliefs.

We need Michelle in Hartford to hold people accountable and to give her constituents the piece of mind that she will always invest her voice and effort doing the right thing.

Betsy Elrick