Keep ‘Fairfield’ in the name

To the editor:

Briefly, I wish that place names in Fairfield were assigned the town’s name, “Fairfield.”

For example, the “Fairfield” Marina at South Benson would correct the notion that the marina is in some nonexistent Connecticut town, called “South Benson.” For that matter, Fairfield’s marina might have been Black Rock’s, but for a body of water.

“Southport” is a soubriquet for one of Fairfield’s divisions, as is the lesser “Black Rock” in Fairfield with a route by that name running through upper town neighborhoods, with the tops of the hills on its flank running toward Greenfield’s expansiveness.

For those who share the soon to be “Marina Place” along beachside, which some residents increasingly hold dear, as if streets were private property, it is hard to envy them, as those as yet unable to jack-up their homes and plant a turret cupola on top will feel as if they have something to share with Venice someday.

And my home, south of the “beautiful” Fairfield University area, will have to find an uphill exit when the waters rise, and my driveway becomes its selling point, as it will have flooded to become a drive-in boat-slip.

As for Oaklawn, where my remains will reside, I have a small section reserved for my dust, which, mixed in with a little water, will not move very far. It will, most likely, settle with that of my best friend who brought me to Fairfield nearly 50 years ago and whose ashes are buried nearby.

He has rested there for all of the too many years, and I expect that we will resume enjoying each other’s company someday, but now, miles and miles away from where we were born and where together, we started first grade, having walked to school hand in hand.

G. Coulombe