Kupchick is a fighter for Fairfield

To the editor:

I’m writing you today on behalf of State Rep. Brenda Kupchick. If you live in town you know who Brenda is because she is everywhere! Brenda is the hardest working public servant I have ever seen. She’s honest, straightforward, tireless, an animal advocate and a constant fighter for the people of Fairfield.

Brenda is constantly in touch with her constituents whether it be on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook posts at 2 in the morning from Hartford or simply by email, texts or phone calls. Brenda has shown us how hard she works for us, how she puts the concerns of the people of Fairfield first, why would we want to change that? The people of Fairfield are so fortunate that we have a person like Brenda Kupchick as our state Rep. in Hartford. She’s a Fairfield treasure and I hope the good people of Fairfield reward her efforts by reelecting her on Election Day and send her back to Hartford to fight for us!

Gerry Alessi


LeClerc for probate judge

To the editor:

I am writing this letter to share with you why I know my husband, Bryan LeClerc, is the best candidate for judge of probate. I have known Bryan since 1980, when we began our freshman year at Fairfield University. What started out as a friendship grew into much more. It was an easy decision to choose Fairfield as the town to buy our home and start our family. We appreciated all Fairfield has to offer and quickly became active members of this community we love.

I would like to share with you a few things that I have learned about Bryan over the years. Bryan is a natural leader. It is a skill he was born with and it is instinctive to him. He is also a gifted speaker. But the most important skill that he has is the ability to listen, spot the issue, and offer simple, sound advice. It is a rare quality that comes naturally to him. Over the years I have seen community groups and individuals seek Bryan out for his advice and counsel — from our children and their friends, young Scouts and their families, PTAs, neighborhood associations, and my parents and their friends from the Senior Center. People come to him with their questions and problems looking for assistance and guidance.

Bryan was recently named to the 2018 Connecticut and New England Super Lawyers by Thomson Reuters. It is an honor bestowed on very few attorneys for recognition of their professional achievement. Bryan is a widely recognized Attorney in the areas of municipal law, business and commercial law, zoning and land use, probate law and litigation. In other words, Bryan is an experienced attorney, in many fields, who knows and understands the law and how to apply it. A Probate Judge requires this vast experience because of the varied needs of Fairfield residents who must come before the court. Bryan also has judicial experience, serving as a volunteer hearing officer for the town, as well as with the Connecticut Superior Court.

Bryan is caring and compassionate and is always there for those in need. He has spent thousands of hours performing community service and volunteering with community groups. I encourage you to visit www.FairfieldProbate.com for more information about Bryan.

That is why I know Bryan is the clear choice to be Fairfield’s next judge of probate.

Mary E. LeClerc


McCabe will deliver real solutions

To the editor:

I have worked with Michelle McCabe for multiple years, and I want to emphasize for your readers that she will be an amazing representative for them in the Senate. Michelle is a true leader and will be able to represent all her constituencies in Fairfield fairly, moving to action on issues they care about, and delivering real solutions.

Michelle takes the time to listen and talk with people, acknowledging issues, and working collaboratively to find the best solutions for the many problems that currently plague Connecticut and our local communities.

In light of the current financial and other difficulties, we desperately need a candidate who is willing to acknowledge and understand these problems and then wrestle them towards effective and sustainable solutions that work for all residents. Michelle can do this! She has a keen grasp of state and local financial woes and other challenges. I have seen her be exceptionally resourceful and creative when it comes to addressing persistent problems. And one of her biggest strengths is her ability to work as a partner and get things done effectively.

I am more than confident that with Michelle McCabe as state senator, the cycle of inaction to resolve tough problems in our state and communities will end. She has the intelligence, skills, and determination needed to make positive changes in the tough predicament we currently find ourselves in. Michelle has the passion and vision to lead and collaborate to get things done, and above all to make the changes residents need for their communities to thrive.

With all this in mind, please vote for Michelle Lapine McCabe for state Senate on Nov. 6.

Maria Markham

New Haven

Let’s elect the best qualified candidate for probate judge

To the editor:

Kate Neary Maxham is the most qualified candidate for probate judge for the town of Fairfield. I have known her for over 20 years, as she was the interface with the public on most probate matters before a hearing could be scheduled with the Hon. Judge Dan Caruso. Kate is an attorney and was the court attorney for many years.

Kate has phenomenal listening skills; is very honest; and solves most probate problems with good judgement. She has been around the block on every hearing as it relates to probate.

In our interface with her regarding funeral problems, she has resolved Custody of Remains Issues, Conservator and Executor issues and has always done so in a timely manner.

As a registered Republican, this is the best qualified candidate to vote for whether you are a Republican, Democrat or Independent. The court since Judge Caruso’s death has not skipped a beat due to her hard work and determination. She has a wealth of experience in the Probate Court and could transition into the Judge position with little effort.

I can only hope that she is elected to the position of judge of probate.

Pamala Shaughnessey Banks


Support Kupchick for state representative

To the editor:

State Rep. Brenda Kupchick has tirelessly served Fairfield for many years. She fights hard for the issues that she believes in, issues that are important to our community, and she encourages and motivates others to participate in the process as well. Her enthusiasm for public service is contagious, and she continually helps constituents get involved and stay informed. As a state representative, Brenda reaches out to her constituents on a multitude of issues, and continually communicates the news from the state Capitol through email newsletters, always asking for feedback.

I am lucky to have Brenda Kupchick as my state representative, and I hope you join me in supporting a true advocate for our community.

Dorene Herron


Re-elect Vahey as state representative

To the editor:

Please join me in supporting Cristin McCarthy Vahey — my friend, neighbor and former colleague — for re-election as a state legislator representing the 133rd Assembly District. As a current member of the Board of Finance, and as Cristin’s former RTM colleague, I have seen first-hand her success in problem solving and delivering results that benefit Fairfield.

Cristin’s intelligence, advocacy and personal connection to members of this community translates into a strong and effective voice in Hartford. In addition, her financial acumen and ability to work across the aisle to successfully deliver bipartisan results are needed now more than ever in Hartford.

I am fortunate to have Cristin as a friend and neighbor; we are all fortunate to have her as our state representative. Please join me in voting for Cristin McCarthy Vahey for state representative on Nov. 6.

Sheila Marmion


LeClerc best choice for probate judge

To the editor:

This year as we approach the time when we vote yet again, we need to decide what candidate is best going to suit our needs and the needs of the residents of our town. The position I am most concerned about is the position for probate judge.

This year we will be voting for this position. I know I will be looking for qualities of poise, self-confidence and experience along with compassion and trust. This is what I think would be the most deciding factor that would make a good judge. As many of us baby boomers reach the senior age, we need a judge that we feel comfortable with and that will have our interests and rights as a human beings as the center focus in making decisions.

At some time in our lives we will have to encounter a situation that requires being at probate court. We need to feel at ease and comfortable about who is elected to fill the position of judge.There are two candidates running for this position: Kate Neary Maxham and Bryan Leclerc. I have known both candidates and let me tell you of my experience, so you as a voter can make and intelligen tdecision.

I have known Kate Neary Maxham from school. I too went to St. Thomas School. My family has also been here for five generations. I have also experienced her when my mother’s case was being handled in probate, and she was an attorney for probate. What our family experienced was nothing short of a horrid nightmare. When there is a need for help in a seniors home, one would think that whomever is the caregiver this person would be one that would be trusted with patients’ things and, most importantly, the patient. However this is not what our family experienced.

The conservator of person for my mom was presented with the knowledge of a terrific lady to care for my mom. The conservator of person had no idea of where to find a caregiver, and being presented with someone readily availableseem we thought to solve the solution. We soon discovered this caregiver was a horrid nightmare. After checking out this person’s work history and going to this person’s previous place of employment, we soon found out our suspicions were right — this caregiver was let go from her former place for abusive treatment to patients.

There was no way that Kate could not have known or suspected something. It was her responsibility to have checked out this caregiver’s credentials before presenting this worker to the conservator of person to be placed in a unsuspecting elderly seniors home to care for her. This caregiver was finally removed when a family member called protective services and the police. There was other situations that happened that in my opinion was a extreme violation of trust and a violation of ethics.We decided to hire Kate to represent my husband and I for one of the probate sessions, hoping that it would ease family tensions. We thought we had representation, but quickly found out as we proceeded into the court room and were informed by Kate that she was going to represent the other party. What agross lack of trust and a violation of ethics.

Now I ask the residents of Fairfield: is this who you want representing you as judge in probate court? I know I most certainly do not. As a Catholic Christian, I felt I had a moral right to inform the residents of Fairfield on the experience that was encountered with Kate Neary Maxham. Remember when you vote to vote with a conscience. To Kate Neary Maxham, you served your years in probate court, now is the time to hang up your hat and move on to something elsewhere families and the elderly do not have to worry about their well-being becoming compromised.

The other candidate running for the position of probate judge is Bryan Leclerc. My first meeting himwas for legal services and I was immediately very impressed at his poise and self-confidence and knowledge of the law being a young attorney at the time when I first met him. I also knew he was trustworthy. Over the years, his credentials became even more impressive and so has his poise and self-confidence. If you had the opportunity to watch the debate on the public access channel, you would have seen Bryan Leclerc’s presentation showing his yet-again poise and self-confidence and extremely well prepared for this event, stating how he would handle cases with compassion and understanding.

Then you saw Kate’s presentation, which was extremely unprepared. After seeing her presentation, I knew who I would vote for. Just because you worked 20 years at probate does not qualify you to be judge.

MaryHelen Hiza Melnick


Vote for Kraut, Lavielle, Boucher and Hwang

Any voter who focuses on events in Washington to make his or her decision on voting for the Connecticut Legislature is missing the most important outcome for those of us privileged to live in Westport. Our legislature has been dominated by Democrats, largely under the influence of labor unions, for the last 40 years. This one-party rule is largely responsible for the excessive state employee benefits that are bankrupting our state, as well as the 8-30g law that is destroying the culture of our town.

For the first time in many many years, there is an opportunity in the 2018 election to break this one party rule and bring some sanity to the Legislature in Hartford. To accomplish this, I urge Westporters to vote for Greg Kraut and Gail Lavielle for state representative and Toni Boucher and Tony Hwang for state Senate on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Pete Wolgast


Vote for Michelle McCabe for senator for the 28th District

To the editor:

As a member of the board of directors of the Council of Churches of Greater Bridgeport, I have watched Michelle as director of the Food Equity and Economic Development Center of the CCGB bring her inexhaustible energy, intelligence and knowledge to bear on the operation of the CCGB food pantries in the greater Bridgeport area. She will devote that energy and resourcefulness to her role as our state senator from the 128th district.

Michelle will advocate for changes on a deep level, addressing root causes, not surface side effects. She is not obligated to special interests that would seek to influence her votes for their interests and not for our interests. Our state Senate and citizens of Connecticut need a hard worker like Michelle who does a lot more than smile for the camera. We need Michelle to get things done for us in Hartford.

Please join me in voting for Michelle McCabe on Nov. 6. It’s a vote for committed and pro-active governance in Hartford.

Grove W. Stoddard


Endorsement for Michelle McCabe

To the Editor:

I am very pleased and honored to endorse Michelle McCabe for state Senate in the 28th District.

What happens at the state level directly affects Fairfield in many ways. It is therefore critical that we have a strong and effective leader like Michelle up in Hartford asking the tough questions and fighting to get the best results for our town. A long-time active member of our community, Michelle has the experience and determination to find better solutions to some of the issues plaguing our state that often trickle down to our town. She has lived in Fairfield with her three sons for the past 14 years.

Michelle knows we need to fix the economy by bringing more jobs and businesses to our state. She knows transportation funding is critical to Fairfield County businesses. She knows high quality public education is the bedrock of our communities.

We need Michelle fighting for us in Hartford. We need to get to work. We need to get results. We need Michelle.

On Nov. 6, I call on all voters in the 28th Senate district to join me in supporting Michelle McCabe for state Senate.

First Selectman Mike Tetreau


Vote yes on Amendment One

To the editor:

On Election Day we will not just be voting for who we want to represent us in Hartford and Washington D.C., we will also be voting on a ballot measure.

The measure is constitutional amendment asking for a transportation fund lockbox.

This amendment was approved by the General Assembly in 2017, and is now in our hands to enact. The lockbox assures that funds intended to maintain our highways, bridges and other transportation infrastructures cannot be raided and used to plug holes elsewhere in the state budget. We all complain that we want more work done on our roads and rails. If this measure does not pass, the Connecticut Department of Transportation projects a shortfall of transportation funds and a cumulative deficit of almost $100 billion by 2025.

Implementing this measure costs us nothing, and there is no downside. This has nothing to do with the toll issue. Connecticut is on a strong road to recovery with restored revenues, and we must assure that critical funds like transportation are directed to the important roles of maintaining efficient and safe travel for everyone. Vote YES on Connecticut Amendment One and keep our transportation fund strong and healthy!

Leanne Harpin


Kupchick is invested in listening to constituents

To the editor:

State Rep. Brenda Kupchick is a voice for all Fairfield residents. Her advocacy on behalf of children and child safety is immeasurable.

As a professional community outreach educator, I approached Brenda with the goal of improving the child safety seat laws in Connecticut. The law, at the time, was outdated and didn’t adhere to current best practice and industry standards. Representative Kupchick met with me and heard my presentation without hesitation. I felt grateful that I had a state representative who not only took the time to personally answer my phone call, but added me to her schedule so that she could be educated on this important issue for children.

Brenda helped me take up my cause in Hartford. She advocated for change in the state assembly. She guided me through the process to make the necessary changes to modernize the car seat law, and she personally took the time one would expect from his or her state representative to make sure I was able to provide meaningful testimony in front of the full state assembly. I am happy to say that through hard work, perseverance, and a door that Brenda opened for me, we have a new, safer, modern child seat law in Connecticut that took effect in October 2017.

It is important that this November we go to the polls and vote for individuals who are truly invested in listening to their constituents, and who are willing to take the steps necessary to enact positive change. Brenda is that person! I urge you to vote Brenda Kupchick for the 132nd on Nov. 6.

Nick Aysseh

Fairfield BOE member

Ned Lamont lost our votes

Eight years ago, our daughter and son-in-law came to visit us. We spent the day at the Irish Festival.

As we sat down to have a bite to eat, Ned Lamont came along, shaking hands. He was running for governor. He slid in next to our daughter and began to chat with her. At one point, our daughter mentioned that she was visiting from Pennsylvania. Within one second, and without so much as a “nice to have met you” or a “have a nice visit,” Ned Lamont got up and walked away! In other words, once he realized he couldn’t get votes from them he “upped and left.”

Of course, he did that forgetting about our votes. He lost them that day, as well as this coming November.

Stephen and Evelyn Katz


McCabe will protect education

To the editor:

As an active member in the youth community of Fairfield, I cannot stress the importance of a strong education. My teachers and peers have shaped me as not only a student, but as aperson. From lectures on trigonometry to intense discussions regarding Victorian literature, each lesson has enhanced my critical thinking and broadened my understanding of certain philosophies. Reflecting on my growth as an individual, I can state with a definitive confidence that both Fairfield and Connecticut are obligated to prioritize improving, or at the very minimum,maintain our quality of education.

In a bipartisan budget passed last year, the state education budget lost $31.2 million dollars.The 30 lowest performing school districts were exempt from this reduction, yet over 130 other districts faced 5 percent cuts across the board. Connecticut does have an extremely prominent standing in education according to USA Today, with a rank of number five in the country. My fear rests in the possibility that state Legislature sees the results as an excuse to continue slowly draining from the education budget.

When looking at Tony Hwang and Michelle McCabe side by side in this November’s local state Senate election, I point to Michelle as the best candidate to fight for not only my rights and safety as a young individual but to protect an education system that helps a staggering 87 percent ofstudents graduate high school (one of the highest rates in the country). Michelle has done significant work to promote public education, including an extensive effort to improve schoolnutrition as well as serving on the Fairfield PTA. Michelle is the candidate that will facilitate Connecticut’s future in the best manner possible.

Noah Giglietti