Letters to the editor: Lamont should have his veto pen at the ready

Letters to the editor

a sacred trust

To the editor:

Who is knocking?

“I thought we had reached rock bottom, then somebody Knocked from down below.”

I borrow from a letter writer’s use of the foregoing quote, published last week, in a letter to the editor. Thank you. I, myself, do not know the source.

But I like the quote well enough that I thought it appropriate to my point, today, and, so, its use here, repeated once more.

I think a letter to the editor is a newspaper’s generous way of sharing news and opinion with the public. It is a sacred trust that allows compassionate and critical views to share in a common venue a variety of opinion topics of some or great importance to a letter writer who takes the time to write. And, the foregoing includes letters in support of one political candidate of an opposing political stripe over another.

Although, at times, I’m not sure how well a letter serves a candidate other than to fulfill a promise to the candidate that a letter of support will be submitted for publication.

The weeks before the election, opinion pages are filled with such letters, far exceeding most those printed in the rest of the weekly editions. Were letter writers as fervent about their other views as they are about the views about those candidates whom they wish their publics would support.

Gerard Coulombe


Lamont should have his veto pen at the ready

To the editor:

As a candidate for governor, Ned Lamont promised to tackle head on the tremendous challenges the state is currently faced with.

If he is going to deliver on those promises as the elected governor, he had better have his veto pen at the ready. The Connecticut state Legislature has a steady habit of passing legislation designed to ignore tough challenges while claiming otherwise.

Unless Lamont stands up to the legislators’ longstanding bad habits, we can just count on more of the same out of Hartford.

Jim Brown