Supports early voting

To the editor:

Colorado, Oregon and Washington conduct all elections by mail. All registered voters are mailed ballots ahead of election day to be returned, by mail, before election day. In-person voting at the polls is a thing of the past in those three states. In person voting at the polls should be a thing of the past in Connecticut, too.

Unknown to most, Fairfield town taxpayers bear the full cost of an election, too. Whether it be a town state or federal election, Fairfield property owners foot the bill.

If the state constitution is to be changed on the issue of voting, let all voting be early, by mail, and less costly, too.

Jim Brown


Lost sense of security

To the editor:

When I was a kid, the street was our domain, and our Maine neighborhood was free to roam, safely; that was in the early 1930s and later, too.

When I moved my family from grad school in Maine to my first teaching job, in Port Washington, L.I., our children played and grew, if not on the street, at least, they were able to safely play in the neighborhoods.

When I took a job in Darien, it was with the help of the wife of my best friend that we found a home in Fairfield. Since then we have grown in place, three times.

First, we raised our own four kids here. They not only had the neighborhood to play in, but, as I had been able to do grow up free to roam, they had the range of the whole neighborhood to enjoy, and, in particular, what was then the fields and woods and old Fairfield “estate” dumps on the Fairfield University property. They proudly brought home an assortment of old, light bulbs, empty, green or brown medicine bottles, old metal razors, and more, all of which the kids valued.

Later, our grandkids came to live with us, and they, too, enjoyed the community, but the playfields were no longer what their uncles and mother had enjoyed, they were far more restricted, although, not completely. There were still the bicycles to take them around, and there was the park, nearby.

Nowadays, kids grow up to play in their own backyards or with their friends, in the yards that their homes have to play in. And, they have their moms, dads, or nannies to watch over them.

That’s what we have lost over the year, common sense of security just because the world is smaller, but, ironically, shrinking still more, and there is more evil lurking about than we ever knew, depriving our kids of the life experiences we had had growing up.

G. Coulombe


Schools should have longer winter break

This letter was originally sent to the Fairfield schools superintendent and first selectman, and is reprinted here at the request of the author.

Dear Dr. Toni Jones/ First Selectman Tetreau,

I am writing you concerning our town’s winter vacation. It is only two days instead of five days.

I am a dedicated skier and student. Because I work so hard at school, it would be nice to have a longer break to ski.

It seems like all my friends in other towns have weeklong winter vacations. I would like to see them and play.

My dad always says it is hard to take days off in different weeks. It would be nice to spend the whole week with my family.

I am Allegra Early and I am a third-grader at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School. Can you pleae let me know if you can change this for next year?

Allegra Early

Fairfield third-grader