FAIRFIELD — Several Fairfield Ludlowe High School students have contracted MRSA, a methicillin-resistant staph infection.

Three student-athletes have reported cases of MRSA, Headmaster Greg Hatzis said. The school learned of the first case on Oct. 6 and the most recent late last Friday.

A schoolwide letter was sent out Tuesday morning to address misinformation being shared in the community regarding the cases and offer resources.

Hatzis said the purpose of the letter was to tell the community that as long as doctors’ directions are followed and wounds are covered properly, “it really is not a major risk for it to spread.”

When notified about the first cases, Ludlowe shared the news with immediate members on the same athletic team as the student after consulting with the Fairfield Health Department and CDC guidelines, Hatzis said. There was virtually no risk of a widespread issue, he added.

The following week, two additional cases were reported by students that were members of different teams than the original case, indicating the infections were isolated incidents. Families with students on the teams were again notified.

Health Department Director Sands Cleary said he first became aware of students with MRSA at the high school last week.

“It’s a very low risk to the general population of the school,” Cleary said.

He added those close and caring for infected students and those in close physical contact, such as a teammate, would want to exercise caution. Ensuring MRSA is not spread is about proper hygiene including hand-washing and keeping an infected wound covered and dry until healed, Cleary said.

While MRSA is a serious illness, he said it should not pose a major health risk if addressed properly.

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