Four months after he allegedly punched a Home Depot security officer in the face, a 33-year-old Bridgeport man was arrested Thursday for trying to steal tools from the store.

Andre Cruz Mendoza, of Cedar Street, was charged with attempted third-degree robbery and attempted fifth-degree larceny.

Mendoza concealed a $720 DeWalt tool kit on March 13 and tried to leave the Kings Highway store without paying, police. A store security officer grabbed Mendoza by the jacket, but he spun out of the jacket and punched the officer in the face, police said.

Mendoza reportedly dropped the tool kit and fled in a rented get-away car. Store personnel have reportedly since identified Mendoza on video surveillance and linked him to prior shop-lifting incidents at both the Fairfield and Stratford Home Depots, police said.

Police recently obtained a warrant for Mendoza's arrest, which was served on him Thursday at Bridgeport Superior Court. Bond was set for $25,000.