FAIRFIELD — A Bridgeport man, who police allege bought an iPhone taken last year in a Webb Road burglary, was arrested Friday.

Hossam Abudawood, 44, of Kennedy Drive, turned himself in at Bridgeport Police headquarters on the active warrant. Abudawood was turned over to Fairfield police, who charged him with tampering with evidence and interfering with police. He was held on a $10,000 bond.

The burglary happened last July police said, and taken was assorted jewelry, cell phones and iPads. One of the phones was tracked to market on East Main Street in Bridgeport. Next to the market was a business called the iPhone Clinic. Police spoke to the owner of the phone store, Abudawood.

He said a man came in and tried to sell him the stolen phone, but said he told him to leave because he doesn’t deal in stolen goods.

However, further investigation showed that Abudawood, and another man, went into the market next door. Abudawood got some cash from the cashier there, and then gave the other man the cash in exchange for the phone.

Eventually, the report states, Abudawood confessed to buying the phone for $40, but said he had destroyed it.

Abudawood is scheduled to appear in state Superior Court in Bridgeport on June 27.