A passenger in the recent high-speed car chase that ended with police firing two shots near the Jennings Beach parking lot was located Thursday evening in Norwalk and arrested.

Giovanni Hudson, 18, of Washington Village, building B, was charged by Fairifeld police with third-degree larceny and interfering with an officer.

Hudson was one of two passengers who managed to escape the police's search following the July 12 car chase, police said. The car, which had been reportedly jacked earlier in the day in Norwalk, reportedly sped wildly down South Benson Road and nearly struck officers who were climbing out of their cruisers. The police fired two shots in the car's direction, and the car ultimately crashed into a stone wall on Craig Court.

After the crash, the driver was arrested and K-9 units helped spot two female passengers hiding in nearby bathrooms. But Hudson and one other passenger eluded police.