Jailson Debrito, 19, of Bridgeport, was charged with driving under the influence around 5 p.m. Sunday after police found him on Sasco Hill Road asleep behind the wheel of his vehicle with the motor running.

Debrito was also partially blocking a neigborhood driveway, according to police. It took several knocks on his vehicle's window to wake him, police said.

The officer allegedly detected an odor of alcohol on Debrito's breath while interviewing him. Debrito, who had bloodshot eyes, according to police, stated he was on his way to the gym in Norwalk and also thought he was in Stratford. But Debrito did not admit to recent drinking, police said, but added that he had some alcohol earlier in the day. He was placed under arrest after failing his field sobriety testing. Debrito was also charged with operating an unregistered motor vehicle. Debrito was released on $100 bond and is scheduled to appear Feb. 7 in Bridgeport Superior Court.