A Cross Highway man, charged with driving under the influence early Friday, tried to pass himself off as his brother, police said.

Peter Moore, 50, was driving around 1 a.m. Friday with one headlight out in his car, police said, and when he was pulled over, falsely gave the officer his brother's name, according to the report. He also failed field-sobriety tests and was charged with driving under the influence.

Police said Moore identified himself as his brother because his own license had been suspended. The license plate on the car was stolen, police said, and the vehicle lacked insurance and was not registered.

He was charged with operating under the influence, improper number of headlights, operating an unregistered motor vehicle, no insurance, operating without a license, criminal impersonation and interfering with a police officer.

Moore was held on a $100 bond and is scheduled to appear July 21 in Bridgeport Superior Court.