A Norwalk man was charged Thursday with stealing $98 worth of health and beauty merchandise from Super Stop & Shop, 1160 Kings Highway Cutoff.

Oscar O. Zelaya-Garcia, 25, of Lexington Street, Norwalk, was also charged with criminal impersonation in addition to sixth-degree larceny. Police said Zelaya-Garcia originally identified himself as Nelson Mendoza, but they learned his real identity after checking his fingerprints.

Police also discovered three outstanding warrants issued by Norwalk police for from Norwalk for Zelaya-Garcia's arrest for failing to appear in court on larceny and robbery charges, and a failure to respond to an infraction for possession of marijuana. His bond for the Norwalk charges totaled $30,200, and he is scheduled to appear Oct. 2 in Norwalk Superior Court.

He was held on a $1,500 bond on those charges, and is scheduled to appear Sept. 25 in Bridgeport Superior Court.