A Philadelphia man was charged Monday with threatening a former girlfriend in Fairfield.

Josue Cruz-Ramos, 30, went to the Home Depot, 541 Kings Highway Cutoff, where his ex-girlfriend works, police said, and got in the line for her register. She broke up with Cruz-Ramos about a month ago, according to the report, and has not spoken to him since.

When it was his turn at the checkout, Cruz-Ramos allegedly told the woman he would kill her and anyone that she dated. At first, police said, the woman was reluctant to give police any information about Cruz-Ramos, but officers eventually obtained his name and phone number and called him. Cruz-Ramos agreed to come to police headquarters, where he was arrested around 11:30 p.m. Monday.

He was released on a $500 bond and was scheduled to have appeared Tuesday in Bridgeport Superior Court.