Update: According to the state's attorney, the case against James Brandt was dismissed.

A Division Avenue man who reported his ex-wife to police instead faces charges himself.

James Brandt, 47, was arrested on a warrant last Friday, and charged with disorderly conduct and threatening, stemming from a March 2 incident at his ex-wife's Eleven O'Clock Road residence.

Brandt called Friday to report that his ex-wife began to yell at him when he arrived to pick up their children, and reached into his car, where he was sitting, and attacked him, according to the report. On a recording he made, police said his former wife could be heard demanding his cell phone and the phone number for his girlfriend. However, police said there was no evidence to support his claim that she attacked him.

However, they discovered the warrant for Brandt's arrest related to the earlier incident. At that time, he had gone to his ex-wife's home to help shovel the driveway. He couldn't find his cell phone and accused her of taking it, according to the report. During the argument, she told police Brandt pushed her against the wall and put his hands around her neck .

The report stated that Brandt left to go to the Weston Gun Club to see if he had left the phone there, before returning to Eleven O'Clock Road. They began to shovel the driveway again, and the ex-wife spotted a small object that turned out to be Brandt's cell phone, according to the report.

Brandt, who was released on a $5,000 bond, was scheduled to have appeared Monday at state Superior Court in Bridgeport.