An investigation into drug dealing and stolen guns that began last October led to the arrest Monday of Craig Wilson, 22, of Stephens Lane, police said.

Wilson was arrested on a warrant and charged with possession of marijuana, possession with intent to sell and possession of drug paraphernalia.

The investigation began last year after police received information that led to the arrest of Naugatuck resident Julani Lemon. The 22-year-old was suspected of dealing drugs and stolen guns in the area, police said. When stopped by Fairfield police, Lemon had a loaded gun in his car, according to the report.

Following Lemon's arrest, police said they learned of two local men believed to be helping Lemon, and two search warrants were executed. One of those search warrants was at Wilson's Stephens Lane home. Police said they found marijuana, several dozen plastic bags, a folding knife, a bottle of Inositol used as a cutting agent for cocaine, a digital scale and a black mask.

The second accomplice has not yet been arrested.

Additional search warrants were served at Lemon's home in Naugatuck, a well as in Shelton. There, detectives recovered evidence related to illegal gun and drug sales, plus evidence from a home invasion burglary on Sturges Highway in Westport, where several thousand dollars in cash was stolen, police said. At Lemon's home police found a gun box, hollow-point bullets and a .380-caliber pistol, police said.

Police said that more than 60 guns, which had been stolen in a Shelton burglary, remain unaccounted for.

The investigation remains open and more arrests are expected, police said.

Wilson was held on a $20,000 bond and is scheduled to appear Jan. 22 in Bridgeport Superior Court.