A Bridgeport man who police said went to his girlfriend's workplace and displayed a handgun was arrested Friday.

Damon Jones, 35, went to Devita Dialysis on Stillson Road around 4 p.m., looking for his girlfriend, police said. She was at a meeting in Stamford, and a fellow employee, who said it was unusual for Jones to show up there, coaxed him into another room to get him away from others at the clinic.

It was then, she said, that Jones, reached into his pocket and partially pulled out the handle of a pistol. When he left, the employee called police, who were given several different addresses in Bridgeport where Jones might be located.

The search led to a Livingston Road home in Bridgeport, where Fairfield police were joined by Bridgeport officers. There, they were told by a relative that Jones was inside. However, Jones left the house and began running through backyards before finally stopping at officers' command.

A search of the house did not turn up any firearms, but during a search of Jones' car, police found several martial arts-type throwing knives, police said.

Police learned that prior to coming to the Livingston Road home, Jones had been at his own address on Higgins Avenue in Bridgeport. There, they said they found a bag with three boxes of ammunition, a Century International Arms Semi-Automatic assault rifle and a Daisy BB gun. They were unable to locate a pistol.

Jones, who was held on a $250,000 bond, was charged with weapons in a motor vehicle, criminal possession of a pistol, criminal possession of a fire arm, carrying a pistol without a permit, second-degree threatening and two counts of breach of peace. He was scheduled to have appeared Monday in Bridgeport Superior Court.