A man asked to leave a Fairfield funeral home a few weeks ago has been calling the first selectman's office, looking for someone to intervene on his behalf.

Esteban Sebourne, 57, of Bridgeport, attended a wake at the Lesko and Polke Funeral Home on Feb. 6, and stood in the receiving line with the family of the deceased even though the family had never met him, police said.

Sebourne allegedly refused to answer questions from either the funeral home staff or police, and was told to leave the premises and warned not to return.

A funeral home employee told police the man had also been at the wake for former Selectman Carl Dickman the day before.

Subsequently, Sebourne has been calling First Selectman Kenneth Flatto both at home and the office, asking for his help.

"I did talk to him," Flatto said, "and I told him it was a police matter and that is nothing I can do."

However, Sebourne persisted in his calls and Flatto reported the matter to police, though he stressed he did not ask for a police report to be filed. "There was no incident against this office," Flatto said.

No charges have been filed in connection with either incident.