FAIRFIELD — A 32-year-old man is faces drug charges after an officer stopped to check on his welfare when he was seen vomiting in the parking lot of the 7-Eleven on Reef Road about 3 a.m. Sunday.

Patrick Magoon, of Scofield Avenue in Bridgeport, was charged with illegal sale of cocaine, illegal possession of narcotics and operating under the influence.

An officer on patrol saw a green pickup truck in the convenience store lot, and the truck’s engine was running as the driver leaned out of the vehicle and vomited. According to the report, Magoon’s speech was slurred, and he was unable to turn off the truck’s ignition when asked. Magoon told the officer he had been drinking at Anna Liffey’s bar on the Post Road and was on his way to a friend’s house, although he didn’t know the friend’s address, according to the report.

An electric scale was found on an armrest in the truck, and there was white powder on the scale that tested positive for cocaine, police said.

During a subsequent search, police said they found 1.41 ounces of cocaine, packaging material and $2,009 in cash. During the investigation, police said Magoon was getting numerous phone calls and text messages. He would not allow police to search his phone, so his phone was seized.

At headquarters, police said Magoon was argumentative and stuck his middle finger toward officers while they attempted to take his mug shot. He also allegedly threatened to knock one officer’s teeth out and said he knew where they lived, according to the report.

Magoon was released on a $5,000 bond and is scheduled to appear May 31 at state Superior Court in Bridgeport.