FAIRFIELD — Police are looking for the man they said broke into a Kings Highway East meat market and tried to make off with the cash register by putting it into a wheeled recycling container.

Around 9:45 p.m. Nov. 9, an officer saw a man walking on Kings Highway East, pulling a large recycling bin behind him. The officer saw the man dart across the street, so he pulled up to ask him what he was doing because he could have gotten himself hurt running across the street like he did.

The man told the officer he was collecting cans and the officer told him to stay where he was. As the officer approached, the man ran off. The officer looked inside the bin, found a cash register, and began to chase after the man. Officers lost him somewhere inside the Rodeph Shalom Cemetery and described him as a tall, thin black male.

Meanwhile, another officer found the front door at the European Meat Market & Deli, 353 Kings Highway East, smashed and the cash register gone. It is unknown how much money was in the cash register.