A Bridgeport man who drove into a Black Rock Turnpike utility pole and snapped it in half last October was arrested on a warrant Tuesday, charged with driving under the influence.

Joshua Paiz-xiquin, 22, of Wood Avenue, Bridgeport, told police at the time of the early-morning crash that he had been drinking the night before in New Haven and left the bar around midnight. He said that he woke up just before 7:30 a.m. in a Black Rock Turnpike parking lot, late for work and not knowing where he was. Paiz-xiquin said that as he headed out he had to stop at a red traffic light on Black Rock Turnpike. There was one car in front of him, and another behind him, according to the report.

A witness told police the traffic signal turned green, and the first car drove off, but Paiz-xiquin didn't move. Another motorist sounded their horn and the witness said Paiz-xiquin, apparently startled, drove directly into the utility pole and did not appear to apply the brakes. The pole snapped in two, and when officers arrived on the scene, Paiz-xiquin was outside of the car, lying on the ground.

He was released on a $100 bond and is scheduled to appear Jan. 28 in Bridgeport Superior Court.