A man toting a rifle in need of repairs, who was looking for a gun shop once located in downtown Fairfield, triggered alarm Saturday afternoon -- the ninth anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks -- and prompted a 30-minute lockdown on the nearby Fairfield Ludlowe High School campus where a field hockey game was being played.

According to Sgt. Sue Lussier, the police spokesman, the man was spotted by several people near Donnelly's Way -- a downtown walkway stretching from Unquowa Road to Sanford Street, where Gunsmithing Ltd was once located.

"He was bringing the gun for repair," Lussier said, and didn't know the shop had moved to Lacey Place in the Southport section of town.

Several people who saw the rifle alerted police by calling the "911" emergency number.

The reports prompted police officials to deploy several officers downtown until the incident was investigated, as well as to advise officials at the Ludlowe-New Canaan High field hockey game to move players and spectators into a hallway in the school.

The group remained inside the building for about a half-hour until police determined there was no danger.