FAIRFIELD — After compiling an initial list of 20 potentially contaminated sites, the town said it would collect and test soil samples this week.

The initial list, released Friday evening, includes public fields and school properties that the town prioritized for testing. These are all sites that received fill from the town’s pile between 2013 and 2016, during which time Julian Enterprises managed the site and allowed for toxic dumping.

The Fairfield Citizen has compiled a comprehensive map detailing sites to be tested, including each site’s testing and closure status.

This map will be updated as new sites are added, tests are completed and results come back.

Licensed environmental professionals from Tighe & Bond, the team contracted by the town, will oversee sampling at each site. The town said samples will be sent to an independent laboratory for testing.

Once received back, Tighe & Bond will analyze the lab’s results and present recommendations to the Department of Health regarding whether remediation is necessary at each site.

So far, Gould Manor Park is the only site whose initial tests have come back. Tests revealed the presence of asbestos, lead and barium in the area abutting the sidewalk on Holland Hill Road. The area remains open while the town conducts additional analyses as to the extent of the contamination.