The author of a new book about marriage and the keys to long-term success will be at the downtown Fairfield University Bookstore on Saturday, April 19, to talk about why the average marriage now lasts only about eight years.

Dave Parrot will be at the 1499 Post Road shop from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. to meet customers and sign his book -- the title of which may seem longer than some failed marriages.

The book is "Eyes Wide Open: Transforming Blind Love into 20/20 Love for Long-Lasting Marriages That Can Stand the Test of Time." It offers couples advice on how to make relationships work before walking down the aisle, the bookstore said.

The author is divorced, the bookstore said, and shares hindsight advice he says he wishes he'd had before tying the knot.

As the divorce rate continues to rise, "Eyes Wide Open" cautions that the belief that blind love can conquer all dooms marriages, the book store said. Parrot urges couples to carefully examine their compatibility and how careers and gender play a role in their relationships.