A wide winning margin in John McKinney's hometown Tuesday was not enough to propel the longtime state senator from Fairfield to overall victory in his quest for the Republican gubernatorial nomination, which he lost to Tom Foley, the endorsed candidate from Greenwich, by a statewide margin of roughly 57 to 43 percent.

The results from fellow Republicans in Fairfield, which McKinney represented in the state Senate for eight terms, were strongly in his favor -- a better than three-to-one hometown win over Foley. Local turnout in the primary was 21.9 percent of the town's registered Republicans.

Votes from the GOP primary as reported by the Registrars of Voters office, are:


Tom Foley: 591

John McKinney: 1,926

- Lieutenant governor

Penny Bacchiochi: 373

Heather Somers: 832

David Walker: 1,230

- Comptroller

Sharon McLaughlin: 1,366

Angel Cadena: 801

- Republican voter turnout 21.95 percent

Total votes cast: 2,328

Total eligible 10,605