FAIRFIELD — No restaurants failed routine health inspections in February, but Mecha Noodle Bar was only one day away from doing so.

The popular noodle restaurant, nestled between Milkcraft and Towne Cleaners of Fairfield, failed a routine health inspection Jan. 31. It obtained a score of 73 out of a 100 possible points with three 4-point deductions.

Eateries are notified of their non-passing grade if it dips below 80 points or if there’s a single 4-point deduction according to Health Department Director Sands Cleary.

The health department report notes outlines several items at the restaurant that did not abide by regulations.

“Cannot store food under stairs ... all food/beverages stores off the floor ... store all pots/pans off the floor” are some of the 13 total comments tallied on the inspection report.

Others include minor points like labeled foods not in their original containers, and that thermometers in all refrigerators should be placed up front near the door.

The manager of Mecha Noodle Bar, reached Tuesday by phone, said she was unable to comment on the health inspections.

Nearly a month later, the restaurant passed a Feb. 26 re-inspection with a score of 93 after correcting the previous violations.

Typically, re-inspections are made two weeks after a restaurant doesn’t pass its first one.

According to Cleary, inspections are carried out to ensure that materials and equipment used in restaurants are consistent with the approved plans and regulations.