Two Bridgeport residents were arrested at their home Wednesday afternoon after allegedly stealing 15 to 20 cans of Red Bull from Cumberland Farms, 1101 Post Road.

Mark Goncalves, 33, was charged with sixth-degree larceny and third-degree robbery, and Craig Vida, his getaway driver, was charged with conspiracy to commit sixth-degree larceny, police said. A female employee who chased after Goncalves recorded a partial license plate number, but Goncalves pointed what she believed was a gun at her and told her to stop. He then got into a burgundy-colored SUV and fled.

Police subsequently reviewed store surveillance video and got the full license plate number. Officers made a visit to the home of Goncalves and Vida on Alice Street in Bridgeport and identified them as the energy drink thieves with the help of the Cumberland Farms employee. Goncalves denied he had pointed a gun at the woman, claiming the object was his wallet.

Both men were subsequently transported to police headquarters. Goncalves' bond was set at $20,000 and he is scheduled to appear April 15 in Bridgeport Superior Court. Vida was released on a promise to appear April 15 in Bridgeport Superior Court.