Redistricting will take center stage at the Fairfield Board of Education meeting Tuesday night when a new feeder pattern for students attending the town's middle schools is expected to be recommended by a committee studying the issue.

However, any redistricting scenarios recommended by the board's Facilities, Technology and Long-Term Planning Committee will only discussed Tuesday; no plan will be voted on, according to Board of Education Chairman Sue Brand. The public is encouraged to attend and provide input, she said.

The meeting gets under way at 7:30 p.m. in the second-floor conference room of the Board of Education offices, 501 Kings Highway East.

Part of the impetus for revising the middle school feeder pattern is that an addition to Fairfield Woods Middle School is expected to be completed by September 2011. The addition will expand Fairfield Woods' capacity from 650 students to 840.

The Facilities, Technology and Long-Term Planning Committee in July presented six alternatives that would change how elementary school students are assigned to either Fairfield Woods, Roger Ludlowe and Tomlinson middle schools. It also voted to work on a middle school feeder pattern to present to the full board.

However, the panel also stated that any redistricting at the elementary level will take place only after the middle school feeder pattern is addressed.

Under some of the six alternative scenarios presented last month, students from certain elementary schools would eventually attend a different high school than students from their neighborhoods do now.

It is virtually certain the school board will change the feeder pattern for elementary students moving on to the middle schools. At present, four of the town's elementary schools send students to Tomlinson, four send students to Ludlowe and three send students to Fairfield Woods. Since Fairfield Woods is being expanded to accommodate nearly 200 more students, the school board, according to member Tim Kery, will likely change assignments so that four elementary schools feed to that expanded school, four feed to Ludlowe and three send students to Tomlinson.

Tomlinson, after the Fairfield Woods expansion, will be the smallest of the three middle schools, with a capacity of 700 students. Ludlowe will remain the largest of the three, with a capacity of 875 students.