FAIRFIELD — After a middle school student was approached by a man in a suspicious vehicle while walking home from school earlier this week, police are urging parents to tell their children to report any suspicious or unusual activity.

Police were called on Monday after a Fairfield Woods Middle School student was walking home from school and was approached by an unknown man in a vehicle who called the student over. Police Lt. Eddie Weihe said it happened shortly after dismissal that day.

“The student ignored the attempt to engage in conversation, went home, and reported what happened,” Weihe said.

The department said it happened in the area of Palamar Park around 3:30 p.m.

The student described the suspect as a white man in his 60s. The vehicle was described as a black car with New York plates. There was no additional description available Thursday.

“Although no crime was committed, we take these matters very seriously and we will continue to attempt to identify the suspect,” Weihe said. “Please take note of the description and remain vigilant in observing and reporting any suspicious persons, vehicles, or behaviors to the police at 203-254-4800.”

Weihe urged parents to regularly remind their children to avoid suspicious people and vehicles and encourage them to talk about anything suspicious or unusual they see throughout their day.

When walking home from school, police said, parents should encourage their children to walk home with a friend or in a group and use more populated and well-lit routes.

“Please do not hesitate to report any strange persons, vehicles, or activity that you or your children may have observed,” Weihe said.