Mill Hill Elementary School and the Mill Hill PTA have been cited as a “School of Excellence” by the National PTA.

The citation, according to announcement from the school district, is for Mill Hill’s “achievement in building effective family-school partnerships.”

“The partnership between Mill Hill staff and the Mill Hill PTA is a true example of what can be accomplished when schools and families work together,” Otha Thornton, president of National PTA, said in the statement. “Mill Hill Elementary School and the Mill Hill PTA have put strong practices into place that involve families in the life of the school, and we are pleased to recognize them as a National PTA School of Excellence.”

The School of Excellence program is designed to help strengthen family-school partnerships and make progress in the areas of education, health and safety, and arts and cultural exploration, the PTA said.

Amng the programs at Mill Hill School cited by the National PTA’s designation are: the Mill Hill Read Aloud, “One School, One Book,” Math Night, Homework Club and Mill Hill Mentor programs.

Kevin Chase, the Mill Hill principal, said in the statement: “I am honored and extremely proud of Mill Hill Elementary School and the Mill Hill PTA on being named a National PTA School of Excellence. We at Mill Hill strive to be champions of education, champions of children. We believe that we can reach higher levels of achievement through a constant cycle of reflection that lends itself to close examination and analysis of past and current practice to lead to continuous improvement. Each child is an individual in their own right and thus growth is commensurate to their individual needs and abilities.”