For some Fairfielders, the only white they saw when they looked out their windows Monday morning was toilet paper hanging from trees -- not the melting snow piles left behind by Saturday's nor'easter.

Apparently, Sunday night's more seasonable temperatures combined with the fact that classes in local schools had already been were cancelled Monday, proved too much for some people -- young and old -- to resist some Mischief Night mischief.

Police received numerous calls from all over town about groups of teens and 'tweens -- in one case a father and his sons -- tossing toilet paper, smashing pumpkins and spraying shaving cream.

In many cases, the Mischief Night mayhem makers were long gone by the time officers arrived on scene, but that was not the case at Fairfield Country Day School.

Around 7 p.m. a neighbor of the Bronson Road school called police to report a car parked in front of the school and a man walking around the property. When officers arrived, they found a 59-year-old Springhouse Road resident and his five sons adorning the private school property with toilet paper.

According to the report, the man said his sons attend the school and he thought it would be safer to cover its trees with toilet paper than walking in the streets and covering neighbors' trees. He was informed that since the school was private property, he and his sons were trespassing. They cleaned up the toilet paper and left.

In another incident, the parent of a 12-year-old Rowland Road resident wanted a Daybreak Lane homeowner issued a warning after the resident allegedly grabbed his child and yelled at him for tossing toilet paper on his property.

And three teens were warned and turned over to their parents' custody for toilet-papering property on Glen Arden Drive.

A Stratfield Road resident told police that his house was sprayed with shaving cream and black spray paint. He estimated the damage at $50.