FAIRFIELD — For a year now, the Mother and Daughter Book Club at Pequot Library has not only brought kids and parents closer, it has served as a unique celebration of literature and the love of reading.

“It was very boring in the beginning, but then it got better,” one girl commented to the group about this month’s read, “The Secret Garden.”

“I thought it was pretty cool,” another said.

Moms and daughters got together after school on a Tuesday afternoon for an informal hour of sharing snacks and insights about the story they’re all reading — expressing opinions on characters, plot, and in this case, speculating on what makes the book a classic.

“Most of the people here love reading,” said children librarian Jane Manners, who facilitates the group. “They’re either reading together at home or they read separately.”

“When we hit upon it, it seemed perfect,” she said of the idea for the group, which will continue starting in July and hopefully meet regularly through next school year.

“It’s a bonding experience,” Manners said. “And it’s a nice opportunity to get away from the screens.”