The Fairfield Museum and History Center will host an exhibit, "Promise of Freedom: The Emancipation Proclamation," from Sunday, Sept. 23, through Sunday, Feb. 24, at the museum, 370 Beach Road.

The display will showcase a Lincoln-signed copy of the proclamation, the original of which Lincoln signed Jan. 1, 1863, and an original copy of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution abolishing slavery, signed by Lincoln and then-members of Congress. The presentation, showing other proclamation-related documents, paintings and artifacts, is the only exhibit in New England to have both of these documents, according to a museum news release.

The exhibit will take place to commemorate the proclamation and its impact over the past 150 years, according to museum officials.

The display, also featuring iconic photographs from the modern civil rights movement, will open Sept. 23 to mark Lincoln's signing of the preliminary Emancipation Proclamation on Sept. 22, 1862.

The museum will also offer related educational programs that will examine contemporary scholarship on slavery and freedom from the Civil War to the Civil Rights movement to today.

For information, visit or call 203-259-1598.