A New York City man, suspected of shoplifting at a Fairfield phone store, ran from police through the parking lot at the Staples plaza, into a restaurant and back out again before being taken into custody Tuesday afternoon.

Police got a call just before 5 p.m. from the manager of the Verizon store, 1201 Kings Highway East. He suspected that a man, later identified as Daquan Dollar, had stolen two battery boosters. When officers arrived, they saw Dollar, carrying a zebra print bag and a white plastic bag, leaving Staples.

Told to stop so they could talk to him, Dollar instead ran into the parking lot and toward his car, before running into some bushes and thick landscaping at the shopping center. Dollar fell, got up and again ran toward his car and then into Fairfield Pizza. Inside the restaurant, he ran toward the counter area, tossed the white bag into a trash can and ran back outside.

Police ordered Dollar to the ground in front of the restaurant. In the trash can inside Fairfield Pizza they found the white bag, lined with foil and duct tape.

Inside the Verizon store, they located the two battery boosters Dollar had hidden behind a display. The manager said when he had asked Dollar if he planned to pay for the battery boosters, he said he was waiting for mother. They are valued at $99 each.

Police also found a magnetic stick in Dollar's possession. They said the stick is used to unlock devices that secure expensive store inventory.

When he was taken into custody, according to the report, Dollar gave his brother's name, Donta Higgs, and used that name to sign the arrest paper work. However, when police checked on Dollar's prints, they discovered his true identity, and the fact that he has two outstanding warrants issued for his arrest in New Jersey.

Dollar, 25, was charged with two counts each of possession of a shoplifting device and interfering with an officer, and one count each of criminal impersonation and second-degree forgery. He was held on a $5,000 bond and is scheduled to appear Sept. 13 in Bridgeport Superior Court.