FAIRFIELD — A Naugatuck woman allegedly had oxycodone in her possession after being pulled over for driving erratically.

An officer stopped Jessimar Rodriguez’ car near 226 Kings Highway E. after seeing her drive erratically and run a red light — forcing another car to break to avoid a collision — on the night of Sept. 18. Two Breathalyzer tests showed the 23-year-old’s blood alcohol content was over the legal limit, with results of .164 and .156.

When she was questioned, Rodriguez told police she had marijuana in her car. After searching the car, officers found a pouch containing marijuana paraphernalia and a small glass jar containing a single pill, later identified as oxycodone, police said.

Rodriguez was charged with possession of narcotics, driving under the influence and failing to obey a traffic signal.

The resident of Wisteria Drive in Naugatuck was released on $100 bail. She is scheduled to appear in court on Oct. 3.

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