Near & Far Aid, the Fairfield-based philanthropic group, announced it has pledged $25,500 to local agencies providing relief to victims of Hurricane Sandy.

The money represents the entire net proceeds of Near & Far Aid's Nov. 8 One Night Band fundraiser at the Fairfield Theatre Company, the organization said. The emergency relief grant will benefit the hardest hit individuals and families in need in Fairfield, Bridgeport and South Norwalk.

Near & Far Aid in its last fiscal year awarded nearly $1 million to organizations that fight the effects of poverty in Fairfield County.

In the wake of the late-October storm, Near & far Aid began assessing community needs and decided to direct money to victims.

"It's what we do. We help our neighbors in need," the group's president, Jeanne Burris said in a news release.

The money has been pledged to Operation Hope and Bridgeport Rescue Mission and, two nonprofit agencies that have received Near & Far Aid grants in the past.