By Genevieve Reilly

Staff Writer

The town's third railroad station may not yet have a formal name, but the access road leading to the depot's "kiss and ride" drop-off area does -- Constant Comment Way.

The Board of Selectmen on Wednesday unanimously approved the name, a tribute to Bigelow Tea Co., headquartered next to the station and which also will be served by the new road.

"Obviously, it's a huge compliment to us," Cindi Bigelow, the Bigelow Tea president, said after the vote. "We're in this town, and we give because we love this town."

Bigelow did not ask that street be named after the tea giant that bears her family's name, according to First Selectman Kenneth Flatto, who noted that opportunities for the board to name a street are "few and far between." The existing street off King's Highway until now has been known as Timko Street. The road has been widened and improved by the state in anticipation of the heavier traffic volume it will carry when the station opens later this year.

"I broached the idea to (Public Works Director Richard White)" Flatto said, "and he liked the idea."

Selectmen James Walsh and Sherri Steeneck said they both got a phone call questioning the name change. Steeneck said the caller suggested that the tea company should pay the town for naming the street Constant Comment, which is the name of its signature tea brand.

Steeneck said the town has never charged a fee for a street name, and added that Bigelow Tea is deserving of the honor because of its help for many charities and social-service organizations in the area.

"I think Bigelow Tea has always been a great neighbor, and it's a local company," Steeneck said. "I can think of no better name."

The access road would also be used by the Bigelow Tea trucks for deliveries and shipments of its products. "We were thrilled, it's so fun for us," Bigelow said, adding the business can't wait to send out invoices with the new address.

Constant Comment was the first tea sold by the company. It was created in 1945 by Cindi Bigelow's grandmother Ruth. When she shared it with friends and families, one reported back to her that the brew prompted "constant" comments.

As for the new train station -- a project mired in controversy and years behind its original completion date -- Flatto noted that it also has created constant comments of its own.