Following are recent property transfers recorded by the Fairfield Town Clerk's Office:

98 Baldwin Terrace, Wells Fargo Bank NA to Dean Kardamis, $154,000

62 Barlow Plain Drive, Linda E. Lavine to Fotios and Christina L. Koskinas, $300,000

879 Bronson Road, Lance B. Delaney to Simon Hughes, $777,500

244 Figlar Ave., Donna L. Ruskay to Robert Agostini, $525,000

56 Gate Ridge Road, Unit 56, Robert E. Gaffney to Arthur J. Levy, $500,000

15 Hornbeam Road, Carolyn Ann Reers to Timothy Paul Finn, $650,000

230 Inwood Road, Remy M. Joseph to Harry Lewis Wolfgang, $682,500

94 Limerick Road, Jean L. Caldwell to Patrick R. Hughes, $575,000

210 Ludlowe Road, Lillian L. Dubiel to Helen R. Lavin, $310,000

1007 Melville Ave., Jack Cahn to Lawrence A. Sax, $125,000

1895 Mill Plain Road, Gregory L. Steiner to Olsen Built Homes LLC, $390,000

1901 Mill Plain Road, Kathleen S. Braden to B2 Builders LLC, $390,000

2633 Post Road, Theerayut Chummanvech to David R. Trombetta, $474,550

140 Ridgely Ave., Sengbun Ing to Jill Bouaing, $210,000

1153 Stratfield Road, Unit 1153, Edward P. Gormley to Emilie Coombs, $185,000

461 Valley Road, Janet T. Munley to Frank J. Deleo, $362,000

40 Windsor Road, John Gulash to Wyatt L. Bissell, $385,000

25 Adelaide St., Bank of America NA to William Mulreed, $189,000

105 Alden St., Janet Roberts and Janet L. Roberts to Hari Subramani, $480,000

70 Benedict Ave., Sims Edward A. Est. and Greta A. Solomon to Linda C. Smart, $330,000

87 Brooklawn Pkwy., Timothy Cooke to Ryan Fisher, $492,100

197 Brookmere Drive, Patrick F. Conolly to Sara Cammarota, $415,000

1350 Brookside Drive, Roger Huyssen to Scott P. Seidelmann, $855,000

127 Brookview Ave., Dario M. Zagar to Kevin S. Walsh, $480,000

138 Bullard St., David A. Boback to William B. Ackley, $272,000

165 Cardinal St., Paul L. Jalbert to Wells Fargo Bank NA, $1

46 Charles St., Michael R. Weinstein to Robert B. Brown, $635,000

100 Cherry Lane., Peter L. Richardson to Deane DeCalice, $1,665,000

702 Church Hill Road, Hanania Cohen to Charles McCullough, $400,000

147 Crane St., George D. Kapakos to Deborah D. Adkins, $286,000

183 Crestwood Rd., Calista Williamson to Susan Benedetti, $450,000

73 Crosby St. ,Unit 73, George B. and Betsy B. Longstreth to Leo J. and Una F. Redgate, $625,000

779 Fairfield Beach Road, Unit 779, Gloria Sheiman to 779 Fairfield Beach Road, $490,000

1513 Fairfield Beach Road, Leo J. and Una F. Redgate to Steve F. and Ana M. Mezei, $2,110,000

15 Ferncliff Road, Amy Marie Hammond to Gina M. Figliuzzi, $425,000

119 Field Point Drive, Unit 119, Edward J. Flynn to Patricia Sabena, $633,750

110 Figlar Ave., Laura Magliulo to Arnold Peterson and Sandi Jop Galati, $497,000

795 Flintlock Road, Stephen R. Soule to Shannon R. Ocallaghan, $1,240,000

89 Gate Ridge Road, Unit 89, Tina Leland to Douglas Spelman, $442,500

281 Greenfield St., Gary Rogalski to Kevin Rogalski, $190,000

374 Grovers Ave., Barbara B. Scinto to Ryan T. Drake, $475,000

141 Half Mile Rd., Reed H. Perry to James B. Bremm, $858,000

130 Howard St., Kenneth B. Hiscoe to Jessica Y. Goodman, $690,000

399 Jackman Ave., Ryan W. and Erin J. Morris to Justin A. Hawryluk, $549,000

179 Larkspur Road, Leslie A. Thompson to Andrew M. Graham, $485,000

31 Lola St., Richard J. Magalik to Richard O'Connor, $457,500

155 London Terr., Barry N. Dansky to Eron Friedman, $635,000

279 Lynnbrook Road, Deborah L. Carley to Erica E. Perez, $495,000

126 Margemere Drive, John Philbin to Paul V. Kalagher, $1,360,000

100 Marsh Drive, Charles Tillem to Robyn Bilotta, $440,000

670 Melville Ave., Dana Mueller to Saveth Chov, $297,000

960 Mill Hill Terr., Garofalo Albert A., Est., and Donat C. Marchand to Round Hill Road Assoc, $510,000

33 Miller St., CC Fairfield LLC to 33 Miller Street LLC, $725,000

192 Miro St., Jason F. Mallette to Robert A. Snyder, $407,000

2328 North Benson Road, Randy J. Kozel to Andrew C. Day, $535,000

3257 North St., Paul R. Block to Crown Relocations, $1,612,500

3257 North St., Crown Relocations to Mark A. Dubrinsky, $1,350,000

1130 Old Academy Road, Thomas E. Christie to Robert L. Manning, $1,675,000

572 Oldfield Road, Mark R. Mirabito to Michael B. Miller, $640,000

42 Poe Court, At Home Inc. to Poe Court LLC, $500,000

1030 Reef Road, Richard and Joan Vanderbilt to Peter C. and Eleanor F. Royston, $445,000

54 Rita Ave., John A. Joseph to Sandra Culhane, $550,000

75 Rosemere Ave., Joshua Slavitt to Cartus Financial Corp, $552,000

75 Rosemere Ave., Cartus Financial Corp to Anne M. Wolf, $552,000

464 Ruane St., Jeanette Zolan to Collin J. Gilbert, $413,000

175 Sasco Hill Road, William P. and Erin L. Russell to Enrico J. Cacciatore and Kathryn M. Ingram, $1,495,000

112 Sasco Hill Terr., Kristina and Terrance Holbrook to Robert Perillo and Maria Valente, $785,000

123 Saxonwood Road, Amos Staffler-Edwards and James Robert Edwards to Stephanie Schacher and Martin Klein, $810,000

79 Southport Green, Unit 79, Southport Green Acquisition to Tyler Baldwin, $750,000

218 Southport Woods Drive, Unit 218, Michael Pomarico to Roger Huyssen, $399,000

82 Springer Road, Patrick M. Walsh to Ryan W. Morris, $936,000

267 Stratfield Road, Keith J. Cocozza to Anthony R. Aromando, $397,500

150 Stroll Rock Common, Dennis M. Dolan to Amy Selter, $2,000,000

120 Trillium Road, Robert Perless to Aaron Charles, $750,000

506 Tunxis Hill Cut Off, Wilson Giraldo to Tina M. Zvonkovic, $285,000

525 Tunxis Hill Road, Tunxis Hill LLC to PJAM Props LLC, $800,000

245 Unquowa Road, Unit 123, Florence F. Kennedy to Nicholas J. Aquilino and Chelsey Trowbridge, $250,000

245 Unquowa Road, Unit 28, Dimple Makhijani to Robert J. and Gail Seirup, $309,000

994 Valley Road, Michelle Margo Cartright to Dennis J. Buckley and Whitney T. May, $325,000

280 Whites Hill Lane, Sueann Heller to Daniel L. Furman, $1,162,250

575 Winnepoge Drive, Helen Kamlani to Elizabeth Kamlani, $565,000