In the wake of the tragic drowning of a 10-year-old in a restricted swimming area at Lake Mohegan last week, new signs warning about where swimming is off limits have been posted at the town open-space property.

The signs are affixed to saw horses near an entrance to hiking trails off the main parking lot and also on the shoreline at the northern end of the lake where Catherine Trujillo and her family were swimming on the evening of July 17. The warning signs feature the international symbol for "no swimming" -- a slash imposed over the figure of a swimmer -- as well as the words in both English and Spanish.

Speaking on behalf of the Trujillo family, funeral director Edgar Rodriguez said the family did not know the area was off-limits for swimming.

Swimming has been banned in the lake, except for the designated beach area, because of unpredictable currents and a steep drop off a ledge.

In addition to the new signs, there have been signs posted about every 20 feet in the parking lot at the entrances to hiking trails and picnic areas that list 13 rules for the open space property, including "no swimming" -- although the type size is not large and the swimming ban is listed only third among the regulations.

Asked whether the new warning signs will be made permanent or if additional signs are planned, town Risk Manager Eileen Kennelly said Tuesday, "We have the matter under consideration."