A new business that combines chiropractic care with CrossFit training has opened in Fairfield. Synergy of Sport Fairfield, a chiropractic care facility, and CrossFitSOSF, a specialized gym, have opened at 338 Commerce Drive.

The facility develops individual training programs for clients combining the use of chiropractic technique and functional exercise, according to Dr. Chris Skelton, a chiropractic physician, Level 1 CrossFit trainer, CrossFit athlete and owner of the new enterprise. Skelton has coached high school athletes at Fairfield Ludlowe High School and Staples High School in Westport and has been a personal trainer in Fairfield since 2006.

"Our focus is preventive care," he said. "We do these exercises in order to keep us safer."

SOS offers coaching, education, training in human movement, nutrition, recovery and performance, and he and his staff have an expertise in functional movement and biomechanics, he said.

The connection between chiropractic care and physical training is clear, Skelton said, and clients are able to use either the chiropractic care, the CrossFit training gym, or both.

"It's convenient to have both in one place," he said. "People can see the chiropractor and then get a workout and train."

One of the principles of the SOSCrossFit program is that clients work in a less competitive environment, training more in a group setting and supporting each other. Another difference from a traditional gym is the lack of the usual gym equipment.

The gym doesn't look like a traditional gym, Skelton said.

"There aren't any machines in the gym. It's all based around you moving in a more functional way," he said.

Classes offered in the CrossFit gym are designed for a wide variety of levels, ranging from classes for clients recovering from injuries or surgery, to classes for high-level athletes. Prices for the classes range from $85 for a "CrossFitting One on One" session, to $190 per month for unlimited classes, according to the CrossFitSOSF website. Performance enhancement packages combining chiropractic sessions with CrossFit classes are also available.

Gym hours are 5:30 a.m. to 7 p.m., with chiropractic visits by appointment. For more information, visit www.sosfairfield.com, e-mail synergyofsport@gmail.com or call 203 522-4121.