New workout studio opens in Fairfield with the goal to ‘get bodies and minds in shape’

FAIRFIELD — As life seems to begin to get back to normal, the opening of Cardio Kick comes at a perfect time.

Located at 2179 Blackrock Turnpike, or Starbucks Plaza, Cardio Kick is a total body strength training workout studio. They offer kickboxing, weight training, resistance training and personal training.

“It’s definitely for the mind and body coming out of COVID to really get your inner frustrations out on this bag instead of someone in your home,” said owner Stacy DeSabella.

DeSabella said their goal is to get both people’s bodies and minds in shape.

“At Cardio Kick, we believe in only the highest standards of physical fitness training and have developed a full-body workout that will help you achieve your physical and mental health goals,” she said. “Our coaches are actively enriching the lives of our members and creating a community of like-minded people who love being healthy and strong.”

Being a new small business, DeSabella and her team are looking forward to getting the word out about their workout studio and welcoming new members. They’re aiming to get fitness back into people’s lives by trying to get them out of their homes and back into working out in group settings, having accountability partners and creating a family-like environment.

DeSabella and her business partner Rich Douglas have already been working in the Fairfield community.

They run the Harbor Light Foundation, which is an organization to help children with autism, and the workout studio “is just a hobby of ours,” she said.

“We kind of just started this as an exercise place for adults and teens but also want to open it up to special needs children and tumbling classes for little children as well,” she said. “Our original mission of working with kids on the spectrum is also in the next phase of this to open it up and do individualized classes for our private clients, which is what we do all day long and this is another offshoot of an interest and a passion for us.”