Westport News columnist Judith Marks-White has won three 2012 Connecticut Press Club awards for her "The Light Touch" columns written last year.

Marks-White received a second-place prize in the humorous columns category for "Widening the scope shows more than intestinal fortitude" (May 31, 2011) and "His bark is worse than his megabyte" (June 7, 2011).

She also garnered a third-place award in the same category for "Tax Time: The CPA hippie and the CPA nerd" (April 27, 2011) and "Diner Lust: Breakfast at midnight and other culinary diversions" (Oct. 19).

She added an honorable mention in the same category for "My Wandering Jew had a nervous breakdown" (July 20, 20011) and "Her psychic pathway

is askew" (Aug. 10,


Marks-White has been writing the column for 27 years and said the recent awards were "special" because she loves the satirical essay.

"The Light Touch" deals with relationships, politics, mother-daughter angst, new trends and lifestyles -- all viewed through what Marks-White calls

the "distorted lens" of her own "funny glasses."

Marks-White has been an adjunct professor of English at Norwalk Community College for many years and now teaches a course titled the Art

and Marketing of

Humor Writing.

She free-lances for newspapers and magazines nationally, and has now turned her

attention to novel writing.

She has written two novels published by Random House/Ballantine -- "Seducing Harry" (2006) and "Bachelor Degree" (2008). The latter won a 2009 Reader's Prize Book Award from Elle magazine.

"The Light Touch" appears in the Westport News on alternating Wednesdays.