Next Level Nutrition opens in Fairfield

FAIRFIELD — The Fairfield Chamber of Commerce announced that its new member, Next Level Nutrition, 1552 Post Rd., held its Ribbon Cutting on Oct. 23. The official ribbon cutting ceremony was officiated by Chief of Staff, Nancy Carberry.

Owner Megan Uhrynowski, is 20 years old and a senior at Sacred Heart University. She is majoring in mathematics with minors in business and actuarial science. She is currently going to school while running her business. Says Megan: “It can be hard at times, but I am making it work around my busy schedule. Next Level Nutrition is my own business and LLC.”

Continues Megan: “Next Level Nutrition is a smoothie and tea bar that serves amazing shakes and energizing teas. All of our shakes contain 24g of protein, between 180-220 calories, and have 21 vitamins and minerals. Our tea has 5 calories, it is sugar free, caffeinated, and helps boost your metabolism. We have over 50 different shake flavors and over 20 tea selections. We have created an environment around love and light to help inspire you to live your greatest life. Our goal is to anchor the community through nutrition, empowerment, and possibility.”

When asked why she chose downtown Fairfield, she answered: “I selected downtown Fairfield as the location because I wanted to bring this environment to a well populated area. There are three colleges within the area, many other elementary, intermediate, and high schools as well. Downtown is the perfect spot to be in my opinion because there are always new people around. There is also not much around here for fast and easy smoothies to go, so I thought that this area would benefit from having us in town. Everyone is looking to get a healthy on the go option and we offer that.

“We serve college students looking for an easy fast meal on the go with their energy to take on classes. We have pre-workout and performance shakes for athletes and. We have meal replacement shakes if you are looking for a filling meal. We also have our teas for people who need energy! Lastly, we have kids’ shakes and teas. We have something for just about anyone, any age. It is important to educate everyone on proper nutrition, not just a selected audience.

“Students can show their college ID to get $1 off their order. First responders get a discount as well. We also do that if you check in on social media you get a $1 off as well.”