A public hearing on an application to build a two-lot residential subdivision on Chester Place in the town's Southport neighborhood ended quickly at Tuesday's meeting of the Town Plan and Zoning Commission, since no one from the public commented on the proposal.

Walter Buck filed the application for the 2.7-acre parcel at the corner of Chester Place and Pequot Avenue.

The TPZ made no decision on the application.

One of the lots would be 38,789 square feet and the other would be 73,624 square feet. John Fallon, the lawyer representing Buck, said the minimum lot size in the zone is 20,000 square feet.

The property was previously owned by the D'Addario family, Fallon said, and more than a decade ago, a four-lot subdivision was approved for the parcel, "but they never built on it."

After the Bucks purchased the land, he said, they proposed a three-lot subdivision and received Inland Wetlands Commission approval. The current configuration of the development plan has also secured an inland wetland permit.

"We had a meeting about nine months ago with neighbors," Fallon said, about the plan for three lots. "There were some concerns," he said, so the plan was reduced to the two-lot proposal now under consideration.

"It's a rather benign subdivision application," Fallon said.

Because Chester Place is only 30 feet wide, Buck has deeded a portion of the property to the town, making it possible to have a 50-foot wide road, if the town so desired.

"We don't intend to improve any portion of the road," Fallon said, and if the town were to decide it wants to widen the road, another TPZ hearing would be necessary because Chester Place was recently designated a "scenic" road by the commission in response to a neighborhood petition.

The hearing lasted about 10 minutes.

"Sometimes the comments, or lack thereof, speaks more volume than I could," Fallon said.