It's a day shy of April's Fool Day, and "spring" -- at least in name -- is more than a week old, so Fairfielders and others in southwestern Connecticut might be forgiven if they mistook those first big, wet snowflakes that began falling early this morning for bits of goose down or some exotic tufted-seeds borne aloft on the chilly winds.

But, alas, it was no joke.

Mother Nature surprised almost everyone -- including weather forecasters -- by dusting the region with slick, wet snow ... and the farther east you went, the more snow there was.

It had mostly stopped by 10 a.m., although more precipitation -- the rainy sort-- is in the forecast for this afternoon, with gradual clearing promised as the day goes on.

Tomorrow -- the real April Fool's Day -- is expected to be far more seasonal, with sunny skies and temperatures rising to a high in the low-50s.

Here's hoping that's no joke.