FAIRFIELD — There’s no such thing as a typical Friday in Fairfield anymore, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good one.

With the weather splitting sunshine and spurts of snowflakes, residents — to the best of their abilities in this continuingly strange time — went about their lives and businesses.

Dogs were walked, takeout was served, and pleasant moments were found. And while the streets were less traveled than on Good Friday in past years, and some public recreation areas continue to be off limits, exercise, contemplative serenity, and moments of outdoor fun found a way.

Two forward-thinking teens turned an enormous wall at the Fairfield train station into a perfect lacrosse practice location — safe, accessible and wide enough for ample social distancing.

Likewise, two local women took their daily walk together, wide apart but still in chatting distance, gaining comfort from their shared connection.

“I think I’ve lost weight from all the exercise,” said Margo Schiff, calling the daily journey a kind of therapy.

“It keeps us sane,” said Peggy Chandler, “and quite frankly it makes me less anxious.”