In the wake of the November municipal election, it’s time for boards and commissions to elect their own leadership.

The top Board of Finance posts — chairman, vice chairman and secretary — will remain unchanged, although there was an unsuccessful attempt Tuesday by the Democratic minority to elect a member from their ranks as secretary.

Republican Thomas Flynn, who has served as finance chairman for six years, was re-elected to another term, as was Vice Chairman James Brown. Both were elected unanimously.

While Mary LeClerc, the Republican who serves as the board’s secretary, was nominated to continue in that position, so was Democrat Robert Stone. LeClerc was elected by a 5-2 vote, split along partisan lines.

Stone was nominated by fellow Democrat John Mitola, who noted Stone’s long tenure on the board. “I think he’ll be an asset,” Mitola said. Flynn not only seconded Stone’s nomination, he also nominated LeClerc to continue as secretary. Flynn said she is the longest-tenured member of the finance board and a “font of information.”

Flynn said the easiest part of being chairman is dealing with fellow board members. “I’m proud of the fact that when we disagree, we’re not disagreeable,” he said.

On Monday night, a leaner Representative Town Meeting — reduced after the election from 50 to 40 members because of redistricting — re-elected Republicans Pam Iacono and Hank Ference as moderator and deputy moderator, respectively. Both were elected unanimously.

Republicans retained their majority on the legislative body, but it was sharply reduced to two seats over Democrats after the election. Iacono is he second woman to serve as RTM moderator and the first to do so for two terms.

Iacono got right back to business Monday, but reminded members about a future session on Robert’s Rules of Order.

Republicans elected Tom McCarthy as majority leader and Michael Herley as deputy majority leader, while the Democrats’ minority leader is Phil Pires and his deputy is Julie Gottlieb.