FAIRFIELD — Saturday’s warm weather and vibrant sunshine had many happy visitors — clubs in hand — stopping by at Fairchild Wheeler Golf Course for some safe-distance fun.

Opened in 1932, the expansive 36-hole public facility was opened by the city of Bridgeport but lies within the Fairfield borders at 2390 Easton Turnpike, a.k.a. Route 59.

Still, its rolling hills and fervent fairways draw visitors from all over the region.

“I grew up on this course,” said Alan Sheketoff of Fairfield, who has been playing there for 45 years.

“The course deserves kudos,” he said. “It’s in great shape.”

Along with a great game, “The Wheel” is a community unto itself, with players and staff alike sharing friendships and longtime connections.

“I like the people,” said Gene Gallagher of Fairfield, who began playing on the course in 1954.

“I just love the game,” he said.

And as for the course, he said, “It’s just got better and better as the years went by.”