Though buckets of rain were pouring down outside Saturday morning, things were hopping inside, as children and parents warmed to an Easter eggs-travaganza.

The happy haven was Pequot Library, which hosted its 6th annual Easter egg roll. Highlights included Belle the bunny, sticker and coloring crafts, hard-boiled egg dying and decoration, an appearance by the Easter bunny and the egg roll competition itself. More than two dozen families attended.

"I started the event initially," said Susan Ei, the Pequot children's librarian, "deciding to do an egg roll instead of an egg hunt as so many others hold around town. And I didn't want it to be candy-oriented. The event is based on the White House's classic Easter egg roll. As a child, I went to D.C. with a dream of being part of it, but a snowstorm happened and the event got cancelled. I never got over it, so that's why I started this, to assuage my pain."

The egg roll was to have taken place on the library's Great Lawn, with the Southport Fire Department dispatching a fire engine as an attraction, but a steady downpour and chilly temperatures drove the event indoors. Several long tables draped with plastic had been set up for the crafts and a large cage with Belle, the Pequot Library's resident rabbit, at the center of the room.

"We braved the rain to dye eggs and do the egg roll," said Jennifer Fleitas, visiting for the Easter weekend from Washington, D.C. "We'll be at the White House on Monday for the other egg roll. I'm hoping we'll meet the president. This is the first Easter in which my 2-year-old Maxwell is participating."

Mark Pires, attending with his family, said, "We thought we'd meet friends down here today, color some eggs and have some Easter fun. It's a great way to introduce our kids to the holiday. It would've have been great if it could have been outside."

A big fan of Fairfield, Pires added, "It has a lot to offer kids. My wife grew up here. It was a no-brainer to raise our kids here."

Lucy Panagos, 9, from Southport, was busy with a sticker craft. "I love bunnies and got to meet Belle," she said. "She's really fluffy. I'm having fun doing crafts and dying eggs. It's too bad it's raining though."

Many parents, like Nancy Haberly of Fairfield, had brought their own wooden spoons for the egg roll. "I'm armed and ready, and brought eggs to dye, too. We come every year and look forward to seeing Belle and having fun with the kids. It's a really nice family activity."

The egg roll was the event's centerpiece, with competitions by age groups, 2 to 12 years old. Prizes included mini play cameras, Silly Bands and fuzzy toy chicks.

Eggs rolled left and right, chased by wooden spoons, prompting smiles all around and driving the blahs from an otherwise soggy day.