One Fairfield restaurant fails November health inspections

Shu Restaurant, located at 1795 Post Rd.

Shu Restaurant, located at 1795 Post Rd.

Humberto J. Rocha / Hearst Connecticut Media

FAIRFIELD — Shu Restaurant failed two November health inspections after having points deducted for improper storage of food and chemicals.

Establishments fail health inspections when they receive scores under 80 of 100 possible points or receive a single four-point deduction. Re-inspections are typically carried out two weeks after the report is filed.

Shu, 1795 Post Road, failed its initial Nov. 7 health inspection with a score of 82 but one four-point deduction for storing chicken and fish filets at the incorrect temperature.

Shu failed a follow-up Nov. 26 re-inspection with a rating of 86, but a different four-point deduction. This time, the failing deduction was given for bleach stored in an unlabeled soy sauce bucket.

Shu’s manager Richard Wang said many of the restaurant’s Chinese employees speak limited English, which sometimes makes it difficult to follow inspectors’ directions.

“We try to cooperate with the inspectors,” Wang said. “We still have some issues, but we try hard to do our best.”

Shu is due for a second re-inspection shortly, according to the Fairfield Health Department.