Out and about in Fairfield

FAIRFIELD — “I miss people,” declared self-described extravert Lila Bepko of Fairfield.

She and her family took some time to do some walking around their neighborhood, including visits to a few area parks in the Greenfield Hill neighborhood.

Like many others, she’s torn between trying to adhere to some of the isolative practices being suggested to attempt to contain the spread of coronavirus, and trying to uphold some semblance of normalcy in a very weird and confusing time.

“It’s a difficult time to choose what the right or wrong thing to do is,” she said.

Other concurred, though warm and pleasant weather on Saturday afternoon appeared to bring many out of their homes.

Beaches were busy with walkers, playground players and sports enthusiasts.

The various parks around town saw activities, mainly from younger people anxious to spend time together and get some fresh air.

Many people were also downtown — though not as many as usual for a Saturday — and stores seemed to be receiving at least some business and foot traffic.

Meanwhile the supermarkets were busy, though they appeared to be well-stocked. Most food items were in abundance, with the noticeable exception of toilet paper and hand sanitizer.